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During Tough Times, Flexible Payments are Key

During this crisis, much has been learned. Customers are worried about their jobs and paychecks while you as a retailer are concerned about your own sales and how to continue to support these customers who are still in need of products. 

This is where Katapult helps both sides. 

Katapult works with retailers to allow customers to make the purchases they need on a payment plan that works for them. Katapult aligns with the consumer’s pay dates and for only $45 dollars at checkout, they can make their purchase with a lease to own program with no credit required. For retailers, you are funded within 1-3 business days and all credit and risk is taken on by Katapult. 

Lease to own is becoming a key trend in the retail and ecommerce space, and it is important to have options for your business. 

Our model has been a success for all of our partners during this challenging time. This includes:

  • 164% increase in our sales from our mattress retailers
  • 137% increase in our sales from our furniture retailers
  • 45% increase in sales from our electronics retailers 

Our payment program is catered to today’s consumer. 30% of Americans with a valid FICO credit score had poor our bad credit. Around one 5th don’t have a credit score. You need a payment program that allows you to sell your product to these consumers. 

Learn more about Katapult can offer you a flexible payment option and see how we can help grow sales for your business both now and in the future. 

Visit Katapult.com/links for more information.