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Download Katapult’s Lease-to-Own Payment Gateway in the OpenCart Marketplace

You can now offer a lease-to-own financing solution for the underserved subprime and no credit consumer market on your OpenCart website. With Katapult, you allow consumers who do not qualify for traditional financing to find a path to ownership for the products they need. Take a look at some of Katapult’s current merchant partners or schedule a demo to learn how Katapult can help you capture a customer segment you may be under-serving today.

Katapult – a Lease to Own Program Driven by Customer Support

Katapult offers a user-friendly checkout experience with three easy steps only and only 14 required fields, making the checkout process simple and fast with approvals in less than 5 seconds. Additionally, Katapult does not rely on FICO score for approvals. At Katapult, we pride ourselves on the transparency of our agreements and provide award winning customer service and 24/7 chat support.

“We are excited to offer our OpenCart integration and make it available on the OpenCart marketplace. We believe that OpenCart is an essential part of our growth and it will give thousands of new merchants access to the power to grow their businesses with Katapult,” said Kali Keesee, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Katapult. 

To complete the setup of Katapult as a payment method, contact us for API keys and account setup support.

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