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How Flexible Payment Options Empower Underserved Consumers and Fuel Retail Growth

Katapult's new Whitepaper discusses lease to own as a driver of financial inclusion.

With millions of Americans lacking access to credit, and facing increased strain from inflation, flexible payment options offer new financial opportunity for both consumers and businesses. Learn how today’s transparent lease to own (LTO) platforms help address bias and promote inclusion. By opening up new paths to purchase for people, and sending new and loyal customers to e-commerce and omnichannel retailers, LTO partners like Katapult are transforming the economy for the better.

Key Takeaways
- 30% of American Consumers1 are overlooked by traditional financing options.
- Traditional credit scores exclude millions perpetuate bias, and inaccurately predict risk due to limited data.
More than half of Americans2

- (54%) are more likely to shop with a merchant that offers flexible payment options, such as Lease To Own (LTO) or Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL).
- In today’s economic landscape LTO options are vital, helping retailers reach a larger and more loyal consumer base and enabling formerly and unfairly excluded consumers to obtain much-needed durable goods in categories like home furnishings, electronics, and various automotive-related goods.
- LTO solution providers like Katapult allow e-commerce and omnichannel retailers to easily accept lease payments at the point of sale, allowing for greater inclusion for consumers and growth for the retailer.


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1. 30% of American consumers
2. More than half of Americans


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