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Inaugural Women in Leadership Program

Katapult recently hosted our inaugural Women in Leadership Program, featuring an esteemed panel of female executives including Jennifer Kull, VP Investor Relations, and Misti Achilles, VP Strategic Accounts. The program kicked off with a thought-provoking discussion on overcoming Imposter Syndrome, a challenge that 75% of female executives across industries have faced in their careers. It was revealed that 81% of women feel the pressure to succeed more than their male counterparts (Forbes). This session aimed to not only shed light on this issue but also to provide valuable insights from our leaders on how they have triumphed over similar obstacles. 

The Katapult Women in Leadership program was developed by women, for women, with a strong focus on addressing the common challenges faced by women in the workplace. Our aim is to empower women at Katapult to pursue leadership roles up to the C-Suite. We firmly believe that diversity leads to success, as organizations with executives in the top quartile for gender diversity have a 25% higher chance of outperforming their peers, according to McKinsey.

Throughout the program, we will explore various topics that will eventually culminate in participants creating their unique personal leadership brand. Our approach to this program is highly collaborative, incorporating feedback from all our female employees. The content is specifically designed to enhance leadership competencies and support the professional development plans of our participants.

Each session will feature different female leaders who will share their insights and experiences. In the spirit of fostering inclusivity within our culture, we will also incorporate the practice of allyship by engaging in discussions on common challenges in partnership with the men of Katapult.

With our Women in Leadership Program, we aim to create a supportive and empowering environment where women can thrive and reach their full potential.



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