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Katapult announces its partnership with DiYPC

Katapult is excited to share the news about our newest retail partner, DiYPC.

DiYPC is the easiest way to source components, design, and build your own custom PC. Forget endless scrolling and searching across multiple websites to find the best prices. DiYPC revolutionizes the process of building your own PC through one single-page experience. Design your PC easily while comparing prices across the web; submit one order for everything you need and then assemble your PC with expert support at your fingertips.

Katapult engages with eCommerce and omni-channel retailers to increase growth and customer loyalty. Merchant partners that have implemented lease-purchase POS payment solutions have seen that they are now able to reach and convert new shoppers, increase transaction amounts, gain strong customer loyalty, and lower default risk.

Katapult offers its lease-purchase solution that integrates seamlessly with online platforms to retailers across several durable goods industries. Funding is quick, so retailers spend energy attracting new customers and growing, and consumers get a seamless checkout experience.

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