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Katapult Announces its Partnership with Luma Sleep

Katapult is excited to share the news about our newest retail partner, Luma Sleep

At Luma Sleep, their philosophy is simple. They care just as much about how they make their mattresses as they care about how happily their customers sleep. They use the best components in their mattresses, so their customers will have the biggest smile on their face, not only when they sleep, but when they wake up.  Waking up well is the goal of each Luma Sleep's mattress design.

Each mattress model offers the balanced pressure relief, spinal support, temperature moderation and limited motion transfer that define an optimally healthy, great feeling mattress. Luma Sleep achieves this in a very simple way: by using only the best bedding components – latex foam, individually wrapped pocket coil support systems, and natural, breathable luxury fabrics.

Katapult engages with eCommerce and omni-channel retailers to increase growth and customer loyalty. Merchant partners that have implemented lease-purchase POS payment solutions have seen that they are now able to reach and convert new shoppers, increase transaction amounts, gain strong customer loyalty, and lower default risk.

Katapult offers its lease-purchase solution that integrates seamlessly with online platforms to retailers across several durable goods industries. Funding is quick, so retailers spend energy attracting new customers and growing, and consumers get a seamless checkout experience.

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