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Katapult announces its partnership with SKU | The E-commerce Agency

Katapult announces its partnership with SKU | The E-commerce Agency

We are excited to share that we have partnered with SKU | The E-commerce Agency. This partnership helps us continue to provide retailers point-of-sale solutions that integrate with their eCommerce platform and help businesses uncover hidden revenue opportunities through strategy, design, and technology. SKU | The E-commerce Agency provides best-in-class solutions for eCommerce retailers. Katapult’s lease-purchase solution provides consumers with no or developing credit a way to access durable goods from retailers they trust.

We believe in this day and age it’s important to provide your customers with useful payment options. Katapult is a great addition to our network of best-in-class partners. Katapult presents a unique offering that provides financing solutions to shoppers who may not be able to normally access them due to individual circumstances. As a partner, Katapult offers great collaborative support, in-depth knowledge sharing sessions, and great co-selling opportunities. With Katapult as a member of our vast partner ecosystem, we can offer our merchants advanced integration support and service.”-

Katapult engages with eCommerce and omnichannel retailers to increase growth and customer loyalty. Merchant partners that have implemented lease-purchase POS payment solutions have seen that they are now able to reach and convert new shoppers, increase transaction amounts, gain strong customer loyalty, and lower default risk.

“It is an honor to partner with an agency like SKU | The E-commerce Agency to be able to develop a solution that marries your vision with your goals through design & technology while providing retailers the opportunity to access an underserved customer segment that Katapult captures,” said Kali Keesee, Director of Partnerships at Katapult.

Katapult offers its lease-purchase solution that integrates seamlessly with online platforms to retailers across several durable goods industries. Funding is quick, so retailers spend energy attracting new customers and growing, and consumers get a seamless checkout experience.

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