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Katapult partners with electric transportation retailer Zebra

New York, New York, February 23, 2021 -- Katapult, the leading provider of eCommerce point-of-sale ("POS") lease-purchase options for nonprime US consumers, today announced it is a checkout option with electronic transportation retailer, Zebra.

Zebra provides flexible and accessible transportation to everyone that is powered by 100% clean energy with zero carbon emissions. Katapult’s lease-purchase solution provides consumers with no or developing credit a way to access the efficient and clean electric transportation. Katapult is excited to be a part of the affordable, life-enhancing solution that benefits individuals and their communities. Katapult offers its lease-purchase solution that integrates seamlessly with online platforms to retailers across several durable goods industries. Funding is quick, so retailers spend energy attracting new customers and growing, and consumers get a seamless checkout experience.

“Zebra is on a mission to bring clean, reliable, and empowering transportation options to everyone. Partnering with Katapult will help accelerate this mission by providing a new affordable, easy and inclusive ownership option for Zebra customers, especially to those with zero to developing credit. Together we will help bring clean, green transportation to those who might not have access otherwise and grow in cities where we think Zebra could make an impact on the quality of life.” says Peter Qu, CEO of Zebra. 

Katapult engages with eCommerce and omnichannel retailers to increase growth and customer loyalty. Merchant partners that have implemented lease-purchase POS payment solutions have seen that they are now able to reach and convert new shoppers, increase transaction amounts, gain strong customer loyalty, and lower default risk.

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About Katapult

Katapult Group, Inc. is the leading omnichannel lease-purchase platform, providing alternative solutions for retailers and consumers. Our cutting-edge technology integrates seamlessly with online platforms, enabling our retail partners to expand their customer base, increase transactions, and grow revenue. Katapult's consumer-centric focus ensures an efficient application and approval process while providing transparent and tailored payment terms. Katapult associates with hundreds of retailers across the United States, with merchant support teams, marketing insights, and suggestions for continued success. 

About Zebra
Zebra is a venture-backed urban mobility company based in San Francisco, CA that provides fully-electric bikes for urban commuters through easy financing and lease-to-own models - enabling an affordable transportation alternative to cars. Our service addresses the unmet need for mid-range personal transportation at an average cost 1/20th that of a car. Zebra believes that electric, accessible, single-rider transportation is the key to creating more beautiful, enjoyable and equitable cities.