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Leverage Lease-to-Own to Grow Your Summer Holiday Sales

Retailers let’s make this summer holiday season the best one yet – partner with Katapult to drive holiday traffic and boost your sales! We can help you amplify the impact of your deals during peak shopping periods, maximizing your sales potential on holidays like Father's Day, July 4, and Labor Day.

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What can direct integration with Katapult do for your business?

Deliver Customers at Scale Through our Marketing Ecosystem

At Katapult, we spotlight our partners' products and deals to our audience of ready-to-buy shoppers. And, we've recently supercharged these marketing efforts! For example, in Q4 2023 increased our email sends by 500% and added SMS and push notifications to the mix. That’s millions more emails we’re sending on behalf of our retail partners and new points of contact with our loyal customers!

We're reaching more potential customers more often, and they're paying attention! Our open and click rates have soared, showing that our messages are resonating and driving engagement. For our retail partners, this translates to increased visibility, more traffic to their stores, and ultimately, more sales.

Here's how we're using our channels to serve our retail partners:

- Email Marketing: Our targeted email campaigns feature our retailers’ best promotions, which resonate with our highly engaged deal-seeking customers.

- Social Media: We utilize the power of our social media platforms to engage with consumers, sharing promotions and driving traffic to our retailers’ online or brick-and-mortar locations.

- SMS Marketing: We engage customers directly through SMS messages, alerting them to your special offers and real-time promotions. With over 70% of our customers shopping on mobile, SMS messages meet them where they are, delivering strong engagement and high conversion rates for our retail partners.

Grow Your Customer Base and Boost Revenue

Directly integrating Katapult’s LTO solution can not only deliver new customers at scale, but can also help expand your customer lifetime value. Here’s how:

- Get Access to New Shoppers & Incremental Sales: Tap into a new segment of non-prime consumers who can drive additional sales and increase your average order value.

- Drive Higher Conversion & Lower Cart Abandonment: Our lease-to-own payment option makes your products more accessible, leading to higher conversion rates and lower cart abandonment.

- Increase Repeat Purchases: 60% (Q1 2024) of Katapult customers return for additional purchases, increasing your customer lifetime value and loyalty.

- No Merchant Recourse for Out-of-Window Returns: We assume all risk of customer default and handle returns outside the specified window.

- Cost Savings: Katapult covers all interchange fees associated with transactions.

How Direct Integration Works

A direct integration with Katapult means that our innovative LTO solution becomes a payment option at checkout for your customers. This opens doors for those who may not qualify for traditional financing by providing an alternative path to purchase essential durable goods, regardless of credit history. Katapult’s integration options and hands-on support means getting setup with us is quick and easy.

Get Ready for Holiday Success

Offer Katapult and unlock the full potential of your summer holiday sales. Let us help you reach a wider audience and boost your bottom line during one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. Contact us now to learn more about how our lease-to-own solutions can transform your business.

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