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NEW YORK — Zibby, a company that specializes in lease-to-own payment platforms for the home furnishings and other industries, is now Katapult, with a name change and rebranding that, the company says, better reflects its growth and the addition of new payment technologies.

“We are in a time of evolution, and we felt we needed to take the opportunity now to move to a new, updated name as well as more bright and positive messaging,” said Misti Achilles, Katapult’s vice president and head of marketing.

The company said its ability to integrate new e-commerce sites to get them up and running very quickly now helps them to better serve Americans who are currently underserved with credit.

Since its founding in 2014, Achilles said the company has progressed and is now integrated with several large e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, and therefore needed a name that better reflected the consumers and merchants it serves.

Katapult works with several retailers in the home furnishings and mattress industries to help customers purchase products using lease-to-own payment options. Achilles said that 80% of Katapult’s current consumer reviews rated it as excellent with five stars.

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