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Unlock a New World of Shoppers with Katapult's NEW Lease-to-Own Shopify App

As a retailer, you know that offering diverse payment options is key to attracting a wider range of customers. But did you know that traditional payment methods exclude nearly a third of US shoppers?  

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With Katapult’s new Shopify app, you can expand your reach and tap into a new world of customers. This innovative solution allows you to seamlessly offer lease-to-own (“LTO”) at checkout, opening your doors to customers who are often overlooked by traditional finance options. 

Why Katapult for Your Shopify Store? 

- Reach a New Customer Base: Katapult empowers shoppers who may not qualify for traditional credit, increasing your potential customer base significantly. 

- Incremental Revenue: drive higher cart conversions and larger average order values, boosting your bottom line. 

- No Risk: With Katapult, you have zero recourse or risk from consumer defaults or returns. We handle the financial responsibility, giving you peace of mind. 

- Happy Customers: Shoppers love Katapult's flexible payment options, no credit check requirement, anytime returns, and lightning-fast approvals – all with no late fees, ever. 

Newly Launched Upgraded Shopify App Features: 

- Effortless Integration: Our app integrates seamlessly with Shopify's streamlined checkout, ensuring a smooth and frictionless buying experience for your customers. 

- Enhanced Checkout Extensibility: Offer LTO alongside your existing payment methods, giving shoppers the freedom to choose the option that suits them best. 

- Automated Tax Handling: Say goodbye to manual tax calculations. Katapult automatically handles and transfers taxes, saving you time and effort. 

Your Customers Will Thank You 

By integrating Katapult's Shopify app, you're not just offering another payment option; you're providing a purchasing path for customers who have historically been excluded from traditional financing options. With Katapult, these loyal customers gain access to the products they need and want, and you unlock a powerful new revenue stream. 

Contact Us Today 

Ready to supercharge your sales and reach a new world of shoppers? Contact our team today to learn more about Katapult's upgraded Shopify app, available for both Shopify and Shopify Plus. 

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